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Aerial Marketing Campaigns

Your Target Market

Branded hot air balloons are capable of promoting your brand both directly and indirectly. You can also use your balloon to target specific age and gender groups, by launching or tethering your balloon at appropriate events.

ABC works closely with your Social Media partners, to ensure the balloon achieves maximum reach.

ABC believe that identifying your target audience and ensuring that your balloon promotes directly to them, is the most important part of any campaign. We work with you, before your balloon is built, to ensure that we know exactly who you're targeting, as there is no point in generating media coverage and audience impressions for a campaign, if it doesn't reach the people you need to see it.

windy tether for TATA balloon

Campaign Locations

Hot Air Balloons are suited to attending almost any type of outdoor events. Their ability to both free fly and tether mean that you can present your brand identity and campaign message to any crowd in a variety of ways.

The locations where your balloon appears will depend on your campaign objectives and your target audience. Airship & Balloon Company have a proven track record in securing permissions to operate balloons in exciting and unusual locations all over the world. Remember, your branded balloon is also a corporate hospitality platform. Through the use of flights, as staff/dealer rewards, client entertainment or competition prizes, your balloon will allow you to build large quantities of brand loyalty, quickly.

Despicable Me balloon in Madrid theme park
Locations where balloons provide tactical marketing solutions include:
  • Sporting events
  • Audience specific events e.g. festivals and air shows
  • Trade shows and industry events
  • Schools
  • Nationwide balloon meets
  • Agricultural shows
  • Corporate days
  • Dealer days
  • Over-flying specific Towns

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