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Balloon Types.

The various types of balloon are detailed below, each type has specific benefits and may be more or less suitable, for a particular project.

ABC has been involved in many design & build projects for Clients and has considerable experience in operating Round and Special Shape balloons. We use our expertise to ensure that our Clients get the best value from their investment. We work very closely with Bristol based Cameron Balloons, who are the largest balloon manufacturer in the world, to ensure that your balloon faithfully reproduces the product, image, or logo of your Company, offers the best value for money and gives the excellent operational benefits.
Pilot inflating balloon with burner

A Round balloon with stunning artwork can be a show-stopper and has the ability to carry a number of passengers - TV, media, guests, personalities, prize-winners and staff. A Special Shape is more likely to grab the attention of the media, TV and the Public -
a campaign messages should be limited to brand advertising and response mechanisms. It is possible, during a campaign, to change limited amounts of artwork on a balloon; especially through the use of banners, which can be used to add #yourballoonmessage

Big and Bold balloon branding creates the best advertising impact.

Nokia taking off from Queen Square Bristol Press Flight
The following sections provide more information about the types and sizes of balloon available: Special Shapes, Round Balloons and Cloudhoppers.

Special Shapes
Special shape hot air balloons are custom built balloons, that are designed grab attention on a scale greater than a standard hot air balloon. They do this by shaping the envelope (the fabric part of the balloon) to represent a specific product or brand.
Round Balloons
Conventional Round, or teardrop shaped balloon, offers a massive surface area for artwork, logos and brand messages and can carry 3+ passengers when free-flown. These balloons can also be tethered to suitable vehicles to act as a massive advertising hoarding or focal point.
Cloudhoppers are small volume hot air balloons, which carry just the pilot. As a result of their reduced size and therefore a need to reduce weight, the traditional wicket basket is replaced with a seat and harness. Cloudhoppers are most commonly used as a alternative 'back-up' to a larger balloon (normally a special shape) for when weather conditions require a smaller balloon.

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